Recon Fishing started as a personal hobby, and grew into a small business. PTSD is the main reason this company came into existence. As a United States Marine Corps veteran, this was a therapy method.  It became a passion to make baits and test them on the water. However, making a few baits and fishing wasn't keeping me busy enough, so Recon Fishing was born, putting quality hand made baits in the hands of any fisherman. These baits are custom made, painted, etc. Some may have minor flaws undetectable to the naked eye, disregarding them as everyone has a flaw in themselves. These baits are quality and working proven. Since we have started with freshwater, we have spoken to many people and they enjoy the convenience of personally customized baits, made to fit them. We have ventured into ice and saltwater fishing and we are continually growing. We appreciate everyones help and dedication along the way. In turn for your support, we make our baits affordable and functional for your fishing needs. Any feedback and information is welcome.
Thank You

Recon Fishing
"Our Mission is Fishing"
Semper Fi